Hallmark Dental is excited to offer you some promotions on our top-quality dental services! Whether you’re a new patient or an existing patient, we’ve got you covered. We understand that dental services can be costly, which is why we’re constantly updating our offerings to bring you the best prices and savings.

$299 Whitening Special

Spring & Summer

Hallmark Dental is thrilled to offer a limited promotion for our high-quality teeth whitening service, available for only $299 until July 3rd! This popular service uses advanced technology to remove stains and discoloration, leaving you with a brighter and more confident smile. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to achieve a bright smile – contact us today to check availability of this promotion!

Upcoming whitening specials:

  • Father’s Day: present- June 18th
  • Graduation season: present- July 3rd

$105 New Patient Special

We are currently accepting new patients and offering a new patient special. As a thank you for trusting your dental health to our team at Hallmark Dental, we invite you to take advantage of our new patient special. Simply mention the special when you set up your new patient appointment. Our new patient special includes a comprehensive exam, digital x-rays, and prophylaxis (cleaning).

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Free Consultation & Discount*

We're offering a special promotion on select services! If you're interested in clear aligners or dental implants, you can receive a free consultation to discuss your options. We also offer complementary second opinions for these services or any other services you may need. In addition, you'll receive 10% off the treatment discussed during the consultation*, if it's completed or paid for on the same day. This is an opportunity to receive expert dental care and savings on any treatment you may need.

Clear Aligners

Achieving a straighter smile has never been easier with Invisalign® aligners. This advanced orthodontic treatment has helped millions achieve their desired smiles without the inconvenience of traditional braces.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a dependable option for replacing missing teeth. They offer a permanent solution, whether you have lost one or multiple teeth, and can give you a natural-looking and functioning replacement.

2nd Opinion

We understand the importance of making informed decisions about your dental health. That's why we offer complementary second opinions for all dental services we provide.

Hallmark Dental Care Program

With our Hallmark Dental Care Program, you can enjoy the benefits of flexible and cost-effective dental care without breaking the bank. Our dental savings plan eliminates deductibles, waiting periods, and annual maximums, providing an affordable option for a monthly rate for all your dental needs. You'll also receive exclusive discounts on other dental services, so you can prioritize your oral health without breaking the bank.

Hallmark Dental Care Program


More Questions About Promotions?

If you have more questions about our current promotions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss further.


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